Continuous evolution

Induplast's Research and Development department gives each client the opportunity to differentiate and characterize their products thanks to innovative solutions, unique design and a material composition specifically designed to meet specific needs.

Thanks to continuous collaboration with clients, we make packaging a real marketing element at the service of companies' business strategy. Creativity, technology and experience combine in creations that respond to the new needs of the market, giving added value to each product supplied.

A dedicated lab controls the quality of finished products, offering the possibility of parallel tests with clients, thus guaranteeing the maximum consistency of products supplied over time.

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Listening to clients

to discover their needs.


of ideas and emotions to give concrete form to the style of brands.

Continuous consultancy

to search for innovative solutions.

Broad spectrum research

New products and innovative solutions are reached thanks to a carefully studied path which, combined with the experience of specialized technicians and the collaboration of selected partners, leads to the development of products capable of conquering the public and the market.

For Induplast, research means finding new shapes and forms, designing innovative and functional mechanisms, trying out new decorations, creating materials that perform ever better, all to guarantee the preservation of finished products and promote growth of the circular economy.

Organic development

In close contact with the internal marketing department, the R&D division studies sector trends, designing and developing ideas leading to new products. The mould warehouse is continually expanded, so as to offer a vast choice to all clients, creating plastic packaging capable of offering great performance and capturing the public with attractive designs. Clients can also benefit from a particular service for the creation of personalized 3D renderings.

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