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New and improved FLUTE Lip Balm Stick

The new design surpasses previous models making it a most desirable packaging option.

Click here to view product details in our catalogue. (Hot fill version)

Click here to view product details in our catalogue. (pre-shaped version)

The new stick has a capacity of between 3 and 4gr, the inside stick diameter is 11.25 mm and it has been made in ABS plastic.

The new angled head is just one feature which makes it a high performance lip protection applicator.

The stick is filled with a preformed stick and decoration options include offset, UV silk screen or hot stamping.

Induplast are specialists in the design and manufacture of containers suitable for products from the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and toiletry industries. They have been working in this industry since 1958 hence the company has great experience in processing and decoration. Their skill and expertise has meant Induplast’s staff is at the disposal of the client for their every packaging need.