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FLAT, elegant and essential double wall jars line

This exquisite cutting edge square design captures the eye and imagination of both male and female consumers.

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PP is a versatile and multifunctional material making it dynamic and suitable for many different formulations.

In line with Induplast's consistent drive to meet their customers requirements these jars are offered in several volumes: 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 70ml, 100ml, 150ml (expected Oct 2008) 200ml and 250ml.

This elegant line is available with a bright or matte finish to distinguish your products on the shelf.

Induplast consumer driven thinking has led to a sifter being available for the 250ml version, enabling them to adhere to the needs of companies looking to package powder products.

In addition, growing demand for travel fit packaging makes the 10ml jar an elegant and practical solution.

Induplast’s desire to appeal to all markets, makes these jars suitable for many personal care and beauty products, and to provide any customer with the perfect packaging solution.

Following with Induplast’s creativity, customization of these products is offered in terms of silk screen, offset print, hot stamp, tampo print and label application.