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New LARGE SMILE stick for men

With its modern design and ergonomic oval shape the LARGE SMILE is the ideal stick solution for masculine consumers.

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Designed to be combined with the already successful Slimmy line this new stick is intended to offer a more masculine look to the stick family.

The LARGE SMILE stick comes in two different volumes - 50ml and 75ml - and can be used for multiple and different applications. It is ideal for the most traditional uses like deodorants or anti-perspirants but could be suitable for curative treatments, suncare and haircare formulas too.

Completely realized in Polypropylene to adhere to the most classic compatibility tests and easy to handle thanks to its distinguishing ergononical shape, the LARGE SMILE stick is available in a bottom filling version with a practical undercap with handle for a better hygiene.

Induplast offer plenty of personalisation possibilities with a large choice in colours and decoration possibilities such as tampo printing, hot stamping and label application. Two versions are available, bright and in mould matt, for both body and cap and without any additional cost for the customer.

All these characteristics make the LARGE SMILE stick the ideal candidate to ensure your product stands out on the best shelves of large retail stores, perfumeries and para-pharmacies.