Le Novità


New, additional and versatile 150ml jars

Two complete sets of jars have been creatively designed to have either a round or a square edge and to integrate the brand new DOMED and FLAT lines

These new 150ml jars are made of PP, a versatile and multifunctional material making it dynamic and suitable for many different formulations.

The chic design of the jars makes them appealing for both male and female orientated products.

Catering for many sectors of the beauty market, Induplast have created these designs which are just perfect for personal care, sun care and hair care products.

These elegant jars are available with several design possibilities such as a bright or matte finish to set your products apart from the competition.

Following with Induplast’s creativity, customization of these products is offered in terms of silk screen, offset print, hot stamp, tampo print and label application.